Sep 2 – 6, 2024
Peng Huanwu Collaborative Center for Research and Education, BUAA
Asia/Shanghai timezone

The INAC International School and Pre-Symposium of the 17th International Symposium on the Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies (OMEG2024) will be held at Beihang University (BUAA) in Beijing, China, from September 2 to 6, 2024, one week before the OMEG2024 symposium in Chengdu, China (17th OMEG conference).

This meeting is organized by the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) from various Chinese institutions and International research centers worldwide. The program consists of a one-day pre-symposium followed by a four-day school, featuring frontier-level research talks and fostering discussions on advanced topics in nuclear and astrophysics.

The following topics are discussed in the Pre-Symposium:

1. Big-Bang cosmology, primordial nucleosynthesis and dark matter
2. Element distribution in the Universe and Galactic evolution
3. Explosion dynamics and nucleosynthesis in supernovae and neutron star mergers
4. Stellar evolution and nucleosynthesis
5. Neutrinos and weak interactions in physics and astrophysics
6. EOS of dense nuclear matter and neutron stars and quark stars
7. Exotic degrees of freedom in nuclei, hadron structure and QCD
8. Nuclear reactions for astrophysics
9. Nuclear structure for astrophysics
10. Cosmic radioactivities, X- & gamma-ray observations and meteorites
11. New Facilities

The OMEG2024 school will offer practical lectures on the following research topics:

Stellar Evolution and stellar modelling


Supernova physics and supernova simulation


Galactic chemical evolution


Nuclear physics theories and nuclear reactions


Observations, chemical abundances in stars

Tutorials on the practical application of the relevant tools will be provided for each topic. Participants will have the opportunity to engage in group activities and develop their projects based on these tutorials. On the final day, a student session will be held where participants can present their outcomes and engage in discussions with other attendees.



6th floor, Peng Huanwu Collaborative Center for Research and Education, Beihang University, Beijing, China

Important Dates

June 3, 2024: Start of Registration

August 25, 2024: End of Registration

September 2, 2024: OMEG2024 Pre-Symposium

September 3-6, 2024: INAC School

*Registration fee: CNY 500. The event includes lunch boxes, a banquet, and coffee breaks. We do not charge any fee if you only attend the pre-symposium (please see Application information for details). We also reserved about 30 rooms at the Wuke Hotel (物科宾馆), hotel fee is 400 CNY/night. Details are noticed in the Trip & Accommodation.

Organizing Committee

  • Yudong Luo (Peking University): Co-Chair
  • Dukjae Jang (Beihang University): Co-Chair
  • Soomi Cha (CENS, Institute for Basic Science)
  • Soonchul Choi (CENS, Institute for Basic Science)
  • Yong-Beom Choi (Pusan National University)
  • Ruoyu Fang (University of Notre Dame)
  • Zhenyu He (Beihang University)
  • Taoyu Jiao (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Yangming Lin (National Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Kanji Mori (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
  • Xinxu Wang (Beihang University)
  • Hong-Liang Yan (National Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Xingqun Yao (Beihang University)

Science Organizing Committee

  • Toshitaka Kajino (IRCBBC, Beihang University): School Principal
  • Weiping Liu (China Institute of Atomic Energy)
  • Xiadong Tang (Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Isao Tanihata (Beihang University)
  • Sunghoon Tony Ahn (CENS, Institute for Basic Science)
  • Haining Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  • Lisheng Geng (Beihang University) 
  • Xiaoyun Le (Beihang University) 
  • Danyang Pang (Beihang University)
  • Chunyan Song (Beihang University) 
  • Baohua Sun (Beihang University) 
  • Gaolong Zhang (Beihang University) 
  • Shisheng Zhang (Beihang University) 
  • Yu-Jie Zhang (Beihang University) 
  • Xiaopeng Zhou (Beihang University) 
  • Lihua Zhu (Beihang University) 
  • Hiroshi Watanabe (Beihang University) 


  • Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics of China (INAC)
  • Peng Huanwu Collaborative Center for Research and Education and School of Physics, BUAA
  • Cosmology and Nuclear Astrophysics (COSNAP)


This event is supported by China Center of Advanced Science and Technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, and National Key R&D Program of China.




Peng Huanwu Collaborative Center for Research and Education, BUAA
6th floor meeting room
Baiyan Bldg, North 4th Ring Road Middle, No. 238, Beijing, China
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