The CSR External-target Experiment  (CEE) will be in commission in 2024, utilizing the existing HIRFL-CSR and under-construction HIAF high-energy heavy ion accelerator facilities, which will greatly promote the development of experimental research in the high-density region of heavy nuclei in China. With the high-density experimental data from the STAR experiment and astronomical multi-messenger observations, as well as the future experimental data from high-density experiments such as CBM and MPD, there are opportunities to study the phase structure and equation of state (EoS) of high-density nuclear matter. This workshop will discuss the latest experimental and theoretical research progresses on nuclear matter phase structure and EoS, including heavy ion collisions, neutron stars and binary neutron star mergers, hypernuclei, experimental observation quantities, and other aspects.

This workshop has no registration fee.

Online meeting is available via ZOOM software, followings are Zoom meeting ID and access code.

Zoom ID:685 670 0166 


IMP 5#1006 Meeting Room
Nanchang Rd. 509 Lanzhou


Prof. Hao Qiu

Prof. Ya-Peng Zhang

Mrs. Ya-Li Zhao